WorldView is available at 250 by 250m grid level, across the globe. It provides geo-level information on: Age, Gender, Disposable income, Consumer expenditure and WorldView Segments. Utilising the latest satellite remote sensing technology, global data and machine learning algorithms, Experian have created a consolidated and consistent global database for over 90 countries.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Sourcing global socio-demographic information has previously been a challenge. Data was inconsistent and only provided a partial view of international locations and markets. Experian WorldView provides key geo-level demographic attributes for 250 by 250 metre grids which cover the globe. This in turn provides immediate access to geo-level insights to help you make effective global location planning decisions and run marketing campaigns across multiple countries.

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Download Worldview Product Sheet

The benefits at a glance

Population data for over 190 countries

Geo-level demographic variables and consumer expenditure data for over 90 countries

WorldView Segments for over 80 countries

Over 29 million places of interest (e.g. a supermarket or restaurant location) across 149 countries

Can be used for global location planning, aggregated customer insights and marketing campaigns

Experian are the first to offer global insights using the gridded methodology

WorldView data can also be supplied in H3 format. H3 is a geospatial indexing system using a hexagonal grid

Data is available for 190 countries from a single source. Experian has provided location, market and customer insights support for over 20 years

Frequently asked questions

Population data exists for 190 countries, geo-level demographic variables & consumer expenditure data is available for over 90 countries and WorldView Segments exist for over 80 countries. Over 29 million places of interest (e.g. a supermarket or restaurant location) are available across 149 countries.

WorldView data can be accessed as a spatial grid level dataset (flat file or shape file) or it can be delivered via API (single record or batch append). WorldView Segments and select dominant variables can be activated via our partners in Display, Connected TV and OOH. WorldView data can also be visualised in a Tableau dashboard on request.

The WorldView API is a secure Web-based software interface which allows users to obtain the WorldView Segment and the values of some of the other WorldView variables for a specific location within a country. The countries to which you have access is subscription-dependent. Locations can be specified using a latitude and longitude or a postal address.

Age, Gender, Disposable Income, Unemploymemt, Income Quintiles, Education, Marital Status and Household Type.

WorldView can be used to: - Analyse catchments at the most granular level - Benchmark performance across all locations - Optimise product distribution - Identify areas with untapped demand - Understand customers consistently - Provide a consistent audience strategy for digital activation across the globe

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