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Need to make accurate lending decisions quickly and responsibly? It’s what eConsumerView was created for

We know how important it is to make responsible lending decisions quickly. It’s why we’ve created a tool to make the process simpler.

Experian’s eConsumerView product is a powerful online tool providing authorised consumer credit lenders with access to extensive consumer credit information.

It means you can access more data than ever before and provide an instant decision to individuals who are applying for credit, helping you to make more accurate lending decisions, build better relationships and grow your customer base in a sustainable way.

Key benefits

  • Real-time consumer credit information
  • Provides the most accurate information on an individual
  • Helps to make responsible underwriting decisions
  • Make quick and confident lending decisions, helping to improve customer service
  • Customisable warning flags ensure important details are not overlooked
  • Provides instant access to direct contact data for individuals
  • Information to confirm ownership of residential property

Is eConsumerView designed for me?

Our tool is suitable for credit providers across various industries, including banks, financial services, insurance and utilities.

How it works

eConsumerView is an online product accessed via a web link with User ID and Password.

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