Asset Event Manager

Manage risk with a bespoke approach to your automotive asset monitoring that could save you time and cost

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Vehicle fraud is costly - but gathering the data to avoid this risk can be onerous, time consuming and expensive. What if you could keep track of information relating to vehicles that you have financial interest in, within one easy-to-use database? What if you could be notified of any risks, in real-time? That’s where Asset Event Manager (AEM) can help.


What is Asset Event Manager?

Designed to provide you with the information most crucial to your business when you need it, AEM gives you efficient and effective access to a diverse range of high quality and focused automotive data, to help your business run smoothly.

Asset Event Manager is a piece of software developed by Experian to enable you, as an automotive business, to monitor vehicles on an ongoing basis through detailed reports in real-time. It means you can gain valuable information about anything that may affect the future sale of your vehicles or indicate fraudulent vehicle activity.

The Benefits:

Designed in partnership with members of the finance industry, Asset Event Manager helps you to:

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How does it work?

AEM enables you to monitor vehicles on an ongoing basis through an easy to use online platform. Through detailed tailored reports and alerts in real-time, AEM allows you to reduce the time taken to find the information you need by organising reports by the kind of alert you choose.

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