Vehicle Valuations for Dealerships and Fleet Management

Data driven vehicle valuations with Cazana Companion

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Harnessing the power of Cazana’s data driven approach to transform vehicle valuations

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In today’s competitive and volatile automotive market, you need the tools to be able to react quickly to market changes and operate in a profitable, risk assured manner, whilst ensuring positive outcomes for customers.

Now available to integrate with our AutoCheck platform, Cazana Companion uses big data from vehicle classifieds to understand the current and future value of vehicles. This data driven technology allows us to produce a vehicle value that is truly indicative of its worth on the market today and in the future, helping you to make more competitive pricing decisions.

Cazana Companion helps you to:

Set pricing

Have visibility on what else is on the market in your area and what they are selling for, to help you make more competitive pricing decisions and increase profit

Stay informed

Research acquisitions before you invest, helping you to ensure you are making evidence-based strategic decisions for your business

Stay competitive

Use a unique retail-backed methodology so you can ensure you are making more accurate pricing decisions, helping you decrease time to sell and increase profitability

Be proactive

Make fast, informed decisions with real-time data, helping you to offer customers quicker, more accurate part-exchange deals

Special features:


Using real-time retail data, Cazana Companion predicts how long it will take to sell a vehicle, helping you to accurately manage stock and make more informed purchasing decisions


View valuations by dealership type to help inform the correct pricing specific for your business


The handy tool also predicts how much the car’s value will depreciate over time, helping you to have true clarity of the cost of your investment


By integrating Cazana Companion into your AutoCheck platform you can have visibility over other vehicles for sale in the area, with the functionality to filter results on listing type, seller type, registration, mileage, colour, distance from any UK postcode and more