The New Consumer Credit Economy

An in-depth look at how consumer attitudes and behaviours have changed as a result of the pandemic and what to expect in 2021.

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As we head into 2021; we do so as a very different economy. People are working from home, demand has changed, performance has changed, online activity has exploded, and whilst there are pockets of resilience, there are growing risks. Covid-19, climate risk and digitalisation are influencing how we spend, save and borrow and the peak of the economic crisis is yet to come.

With vaccinations rolling out across the UK, there is light at the end of the tunnel but understanding the huge changes taking place is vital – including the causes, risks and opportunities. The new normal for credit providers is learning how to cope with uncertainty.

Our award-winning data scientists and economists have been tracking the short and long term changes in-depth – providing you with a detailed view of what’s happened, what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen next. Using our unrivalled data sources and industry reach, we’ve delved deep into the true reality of the new credit economy and what it means for lenders. 


Download the full report for an exclusive, extensive view of our findings and the challenges and opportunities ahead, including:

  • The immediate economic impacts of the pandemic and the UK government’s response measures.
  • The impact on consumer attitudes and behaviours – personal finances, spending and borrowing, payment trends and digital adoption.
  • The new normal – what the world looks like now and the outlook.
  •  How the risk profile of the nation has changed and the implications for lenders.


The changes we’ve seen and how this has affected customers

This video highlights how much the world has changed since the pandemic struck, upturning expectations and challenging consumers’ lives in ways never seen before. Meet the ‘New Norm’ and discover just how different your customers’ attitudes and behaviours could now be.

girl listening to podcast

Podcast: How the pandemic has changed consumer behaviour & the impacts for lenders

Hear more from our experts. The authors of the New Consumer Credit Economy report, Andy Willis – Director of Data Insights, Derek Garriock – Direction of Design & Innovation and Mohammed Chaudhri – Chief Economist, discuss the changing credit risk landscape alongside a volatile economy. Find out more about the credit trends seen before and during the pandemic and how consumer attitudes to spending, borrowing and saving have all changed. What does it all mean for lenders in 2021 and beyond?



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Webinar: Latest economic trends and credit insights

Explore the emerging risks and opportunities with our in-house economists and data experts – aligned to business critical needs and priorities across financial services. We’re in an unrivalled position to help you stay one step ahead in uncertain times, with economic and credit insights gathered from a vast depth and breadth of industry research and data. From traditional bureau data to alternative sources enabled by open data. 



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