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A credit report by Experian gives you invaluable insight into a business’ financial stability, so you can make faster and better risk decisions.

See the detail behind the credit score

  • Access business and director/owner credit reports
  • Instant access to key corporate information
  • Assess company stability at a single glance, with optional corporate tree
  • Insightful, long-term view of a company’s performance through Commercial Delphi Credit Score trend information
  • Easy financial interpretation with analyst comments
  • Comparison of the Commercial Delphi score against the business population gives you more context to make a decision
  • Shareholder information for sharper insight into company status and a quick understanding of any majority shareholding
  • Experian’s Commercial CAIS information is also available for insightful detail on how your customers pay other businesses

Why use Experian credit reports?

  • Powerful blend of business and consumer data
  • Search limited and non-limited businesses across the UK and Internationally
  • Established and trusted business data

How do I access an Experian credit report?

Experian credit reports are available through BusinessIQ.

For a one off business check, click here.

Sample Reports

The New Consumer Credit Economy

An in-depth look at how consumer attitudes and behaviours have changed as a result of the pandemic and what to expect in 2021.