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What can it do for me?

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) are shared databases of insurance claims that help insurers identify non-disclosure, concurrent claims activity and prevent fraud.

CUE holds over 11 million household, 13 million motor and 11 million personal injury insurance claims. Insurers can use CUE at all stages of the insurance lifecycle, including quotation, policy acceptance, renewal and claim.

How can we help you?

CUE are insurance industry shared databases and CUE services are only available to participating members.

A few key facts

  • CUE can help insurers verify an individual's household, motor or personal injury claims history
  • Prevent potential fraud by identifying non-disclosure, such as concurrent claim activity with other insurers.
  • Improve customer service and reduce call time.
  • Improve financial performance through more accurate pricing, reduced claims costs and fraud prevention.

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