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Enrich your customer addresses globally with precise location insight.

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We know that addresses are often not enough to reach your customers and that when location precision is required, an address can only take you so far. Location insight has rapidly become the critical piece to bridge the gap, helping you to better understand and connect with customers.

Enriching your addresses with precise geospatial information through our industry-leading address validation and cleansing solutions allows you to build a single, detailed view of your customers, uniquely pinpoint properties to streamline logistics and customer experiences, and much more. 

How it works

Enrich addresses in real-time

Validate and enrich addresses with additional location insight as they are entered in your CRM system, website or any online form using our address validation API

Enrich existing records in bulk

Clean and enrich or suppress your existing address records using location data in our batch solution, data quality platform or as a one-off service


Fewer failed deliveries

Precise location information, mapped to accurate and deliverable addresses, can be used to identify pick-up and delivery points, improving delivery rates and optimising route planning.  

Single view of customers

Use UPRNs to uniquely identify, link and match customer records across data sources and enrich with additional data. This helps to deliver a single view of customers and avoid data exchange errors.

Improved customer experience

Correctly identify customers within and across your databases and ensure that they receive goods and services in a timely and efficient manner.

Enhanced customer analysis

Perform detailed customer base analysis using location insight to deliver more targeted mailings, relative to nearby stores, services and competitors. 

Find the right location dataset for your organisation:

Postzon 100 Metre and CodePoint® 1 Metre Grid References provide the grid area for a given postcode, accurate to either 100m or 1m. Add grid references to your addresses to go beyond the postcode and more accurately map the approximate location of your customer addresses.  

Key features:

  • Covers England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
  • Eastings (X) and Northings (Y) coordinates
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Accurate to the centroid property in the address postcode

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