What is a 360 degree customer view?

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A 360 degree customer view is a holistic approach that allows you to see all meaningful information about a single person aggregated into one, easy to read, location. 

Why is a 360 degree customer view important?

360 degree customer views have become more crucial as the proliferation of data continues to explode. With more and more data being created and collected for each individual and these data touch points coming from an increasing number of sources – the need to view all of this data in one, easy to read format has become more important than ever.

There are plenty of benefits to obtaining a 360 degree customer view:

  • More targeted engagement – Driven by being able to easily tailor your messages around their characteristics and activity.
  • Improved customer service – Knowing a person’s buying and support history helps you to provide a better service.
  • Long term customer loyalty – By delivering a more personalised experience based on their history with you, your offering becomes more unique and therefore encourages loyalty.

How do you achieve a 360 degree customer view?

We follow a 7 stage process when building a 360 degree customer view:

  1. Discovery – Understanding the environment you are implementing it in.
  2. Scoping – Outlining your proposed design.
  3. Data Integration – Transforming your required data into automated, correct formats.
  4. Data Quality – Ensuring the accuracy of the relevant data.
  5. 360 Degree Customer View - Importing unique records into a SCV data store.
  6. Enrich - Adding additional data to customer records for segmentation.
  7. Deliver - Deploy the finish solution into a live environment.

How can we help with your 360 Degree Customer View?

Single Customer View Guide

Find out for yourself how we are able to help you at every stage of building a 360 Degree Customer View – from transforming your data into the required formats to creating a unique PIN for each record.