Address Management

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What is Address Management?

Address Management refers to the processes and tools that can be used to ensure that address data is captured correctly and kept clean and up to date over time. Given the rapid expansion of channels that customers now communicate and enter their data through, Address Management is key if organisations want to get the most from their data.

Why implement an Address Management strategy?

Having up to date and correct information on your customers gives you an actionable pool of data that can be used across the organisation. This information can be enhanced by additional datasets to give you granular insight into your customers and prospects.

Accurate address data is key for:

  • Improving relationships with your customers, as more accurate data results in less mistakes being made and any communications happening faster.
  • Reducing the amount of wasted mailings you send out to incorrect addresses – helping you to improve ROI of your campaigns.
  • Decreasing the chances of sending potentially sensitive information to the wrong people and the potential risks that could come with this.

How can we help you with your Address Management?

Address Validation

Start validating all your customer's address data as it enters your website, or on a regular basis in your database.