What is Address Verification?

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Address verification (or validation) is the process of capturing and cleaning the contact address data of your customers. Verifying addresses can be carried out either:

  • At the point of capture (when they fill in the contact form) using a real-time address verification tool.
  • Retrospectively (usually in bulk) using a back-end solution.

The aim of verifying the addresses is to clean the data, ensuring they are complete, fit regional structures and have no typos in them.

What are the benefits of Address Verification?

Verifying your address data both at the point of capture and regularly thereafter means you can have confidence in its accuracy and that it hasn’t decayed.

Accurate address data is important as it stops inaccurate marketing activity and wasted mailings, saving you money and reducing the chances of potentially important/sensitive customer information being sent to the wrong address. It can also lead to incorrect insights about your customer’s location.

Another aspect to consider is that under the incoming GDPR, certain principles and situations (Data Breach notifications for example) may require you to be able to contact your customers/data subjects in a limited timeframe. Therefore, accurate contact data from the start will likely be required to meet those time frames.

How can our address verification tools help you?

Experian Address Capture

We provide address capture tools that quickly and accurately capture contact details. Whether you capture contact addresses on your web forms, on your e-commerce website or over the phone, we have something to suit you.