What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP as it’s widely known is the integrated management of all the core areas of a businesses’ operations. This is usually done using a piece of software called an ERP System.

The ERP system’s role is to integrate all areas of the business, from human resources and marketing through to product planning and manufacturing allowing you to see all the relevant data for an organisation in one place. The ERP allows the business to see all its processes in one single system and generally improve the efficiency of the business and its resources.

Examples of processes the ERP system may provide an updated view of are:

  • Product and supplier order statuses
  • Financial information such as purchase orders and invoices
  • Sales figures and trends
  • Employee database including job titles and salary
  • Customer service requests

Why is it important to integrate your data quality initiatives with your ERP system?

Although organisations will likely have multiple places where they store data, the ERP system is usually the largest source. With that much data in one place, it is likely driving the decisions and processes for multiple key functions of the organisation – therefore making sure the data is high quality is imperative. Poor data in your ERP system can lead to expensive and embarrassing mistakes such as unpaid invoices, undelivered orders and customers being alienated.

Data Management Platforms and integrated contact data validation are key for keeping ERP system data clean over time as they can implement data quality standardsdata discovery to find trends that can be analysed and help to drive you towards a single customer view.

A clean and accurate ERP ultimately helps to drive:

  • Improved organisation efficiency
  • Good customer relationships
  • Data-driven insights that are accurate

How can we help you keep your ERP system clean?

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