What is Mortality Suppression?

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Mortality Suppression is referencing the data you hold with another dataset to enable you to suppress or remove any individuals from the data that have passed away.

What are the benefits of Mortality Suppression?

On average, around 170,000 mailings are delivered each year to people who have passed away. By removing those who are deceased from your data you can ensure:

  • You avoid any unnecessary distress to bereaved families
  • You remove the possibility of damage to brand reputation from related mistakes
  • Reduced costs from miscommunications

This information is taken from a file that contains over 1.9 million records sourced from both private and public data source.

What other data sets can you suppress your database with?

Data sets Guide

Read in more detail how Mortality Suppression and other data sets such as the PAF file and Bereavement Register can be appended to your data to improve performance.