What is a Single Patient View?

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In the healthcare sector a Single Patient View is a term which refers to the ability to consolidate all the information of a specific patient into one single, easy to access view. Often referred to as a Single Customer View in the private sector, a Single Patient View essentially achieves the same end goal – having a complete and accurate view of all the information held on a particular individual. Examples of this information could include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Doctor and examination notes
  • Pre-existing conditions

What has driven the need for a Single Patient View?

In the past, healthcare organisations relied heavily on paper-based records. Even as records have moved towards becoming more digital, often they are siloed within individual departments or regional public sector health organisations. When patient information is stored across multiple locations it becomes difficult for healthcare professionals to get a full view of a patient’s care and history.

Why is a Single Patient View important to healthcare organisations?

Patients who experience seamless interactions with private sector organisations have increasingly come to expect the same from healthcare providers. Achieving a Single Patient View is therefore becoming a growing priority, moving from simply being a nice to have administrative tool, to an integral component, critical in achieving effective patient care.

As healthcare organisations grow and become more integrated at different levels across different regions, the need to be confident in the information held becomes all the more important. Having a Single Patient View in place:

  • Reduces the risk of errors in applications and processing
  • Increases efficiency
  • Helps secure data privacy
  • Reduces admin costs
  • Improves patient satisfaction levels due to decreased waiting times

Even more critical is the ability for healthcare professionals to make good, informed decisions based on having a full picture and insight into a patient’s records. Having a complete view means that patients can be confident that they are receiving the very best care tailored to their needs and history to date.

How can you start your Single Patient View?

How to accelerate your Single Customer View

Bloor Research look at the opportunity to develop a data quality-focused SCV instead (or alongside) an MDM development.