Keeping your customers safe from Account Takeover attacks

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Are you keeping your customers safe online?

Do you offer complete protection to your customers throughout their full life cycle with you? Offering checks and keeping your customers secure at the point of onboarding is a given, but being able to protect, value and look after existing customer bases has become a necessity.

As the digital age increases – in part due to Covid - and online services become more accessible to everyone, it has opened more opportunities and more accounts for criminals to attack and takeover. Account Takeover attacks increased by 34% in the last couple of years.

Account Takeover attacks can target bank accounts, loyalty accounts, retail accounts and social media – anywhere that a consumer uses a username and password to access the account.

It is important to remember that Account Takeover fraud is not a single event, it goes through different stages; 


How can Experian help you prevent Account Takeover attacks

Experian’s Account Takeover solution offers a complete defence package against attacks. It includes:

  • Our device intelligence techonology that helps to build a profile of the users familiar or usual activity
  • Behavioral Biometrics that helps to build the users profile further by identifying the behavioural and cognitive actions taken by the user when they interact with their account
  • Known fraud checks used to flag any previous fraud or high risk flags that might have been associated with the account or device in the past
  • Machine Learning is then used to optimise the results giving you the power to decide whether it is a true login attempt or someone trying to access the account fraudulently..  

All of this is enabled via Experian CrossCore , a single access point that allows you to bring the above capabilities together to give you full confidence in every customer interaction. 

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Key benefits of Experian’s ATO offering 

  • Protection from fraud attacks 
  • Allows you to identify new fraud vectors 
  • Reduce false positive costs 
  • Develop two way trust with customers 
  • Gives your customers an invisible, seamless journey 
  • Delivered through a single access point that can orchestrate decisions using multiple data and services across disparate systems
  • Analyses behaviors to protect customers from attacks

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