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Whether you are recruiting for the assembly line, the showroom, or the boardroom, Experian can run invaluable Automotive Industry Background Checks for positions across the sector.

The types of Background Checks necessary for your business will vary depending on the positions you are looking to fill. Automotive design, development, manufacturing and marketing roles require employees with a high level of education, as well as specialist professional and technical training.

Relevant Checks

Identity Check

Professional Membership

Credit Check

Education Checks

Employment Checks

Personal Reference

Why check?

Experts estimate that between 20 and 50 per cent of candidates embellish their credentials on CVs¹. Our screening services allow you to validate a candidate’s qualifications, helping you to ensure that they are every bit as good as they appear on paper.

For the more sales orientated areas of the sector, Automotive Industry Background Checks have an equally vital function. When leasing or selling cars, employees frequently have access to sensitive or confidential customer information. Criminals have been known to actively target such roles, and with employee fraud costing UK companies an estimated £2bn a year², the threat to your business is real. On top of this, the damages to reputation and integrity can be devastating.

Recommended checks

Experian Automotive Industry Background Checks are an invaluable first line of defence against insider fraud. For all positions, we recommend Identity Checks and credit checks, which draw directly from the electoral roll and one of the UK’s largest consumer databases. Not only do these checks enable you to confirm that a candidate is indeed who they claim to be, they can also highlight any adverse financial history, which can act as a red flag when screening candidates for potentially fraudulent activity.

For the most reliable screening results, Automotive Industry Background Checks could also include a Basic Criminal Record Disclosure. This will list any unspent convictions on a candidate’s record, giving you the information you need to make informed recruitment decisions.

Though invaluable for safeguarding your business’s reputation, integrity and profits, a lot of employers find background checks to be overly complex, daunting and time-consuming. Outsourcing your candidate screening to Experian is a cost-effective solution, as we handle every stage of the background checking process. Our direct access to data sources results in fast UK turnaround times on reports, and our online process means that there is no need to download or update any complicated software.

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