Algorithmic attribution

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Measure the impact of each marketing channel

As digital channels broaden and cross-channel marketing becomes more complex, accurately assessing the impact of each marketing channel becomes an even bigger challenge. Understanding how and when people engage is essential for creating great customer experiences.

This customer journey creates a map of interactions and streamlining the customer journey creates a smoother experience. However, when it comes to attribution, many brands and organisations still operate a last-click model which gives all the credit to the final interaction. This can really skew the way we view customer journeys and creates challenges to proving the ROI of marketing efforts.

By attributing incorrectly or without all the information marketers are potentially giving credit to the wrong channel when in fact an individual prefers a different channel. This could take the focus away from what is best for your customer.

Algorithmic attribution model

It is now possible to systematically measure the influence of each channel on your digital marketing campaigns. This allows marketers to recognise the value of each channel, prove ROI and use data-informed decision making to reinvest budget intelligently.

  • Measure the impact of each digital channel on a purchase decision
  • Evaluate different campaign scenarios, allowing for business constraints such as budgets and targets
  • Create a platform to make data-informed decisions to reinvest with channels that your customer prefer

Read the algorithmic attribution fact sheet to find out more

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