Understand the changing financial needs of consumers

30 November 2021, 11am

The latest insight from Experian to understand and respond to your customers

The recent socio-economic turmoil has been severe, but it’s not necessarily the first time the market has shifted so quickly. What makes today different is that these outside influences have coincided with a financial services market so full of product choice, competitor activity and communication channels it makes a true understanding of behavioural change a highly complex task.

Experian brings together data and insight to help you understand and respond to your customers and market. Our Financial Strategy Segment (FSS) insight has always been the market leading view of the financial behaviours of the UK population. We’re just about to launch the updated insight which reflects these latest consumer changes, helping you to determine key market and behavioural trends.

Join us in this webinar as we discover what the latest data is telling us about the financial make-up of the UK population and how this is reflected in our latest Financial Strategy Segments.

This webinar will be packed full of content on:

The impact on UK financial segments, who’s moving and how many

Which segments are showing changes and in which sectors

How to use the segmentation for action based strategies