What is CAIS?

Consumer CAIS is a data sharing network that gathers data from and collects over 500 million credit accounts a month making CAIS one of the largest sources of UK consumer credit commitments.

Commercial CAIS is a shared database of 13.3 million commercial credit accounts credit history maintained by Experian. All major financial institutions and creditors engaged in commercial lending activities will share details of their business customers credit commitments and how they’re performing on them.


Join the data sharing network

As a CAIS member, you contribute data on all your customers’ credit accounts and account behaviour from the last six years. In return, you get access to the equivalent data from over 400 banks, lenders, insurers, and utility and telecoms companies – virtually every major lending organisation in the UK.


Access behavioural data

As a CAIS member, you also have the option to share – and gain access to – additional behavioural data gained from credit and store cards. This provides a robust means of identifying customers showing signs of over-indebtedness or financial stress.


Help to protect your business

With access to this data you will have a better chance of protecting your business against bad debt and fraud, and you can ensure you lend responsibly, to people who are financially stable enough to pay you back.

Access to the CAIS database enables you to

  • Make responsible lending decisions by reviewing applicants existing financial obligations and avoid lending to consumers and businesses that are over committed
  • Identify consumers and businesses with an adverse credit history
  • Make appropriate authorisation, limit management and recovery decisions
  • Verify applicants
  • Enhance collections strategies
  • Receive enhanced scores and credit ratings
  • Refine your credit policy and undertake retrospective analysis

Align with industry best practice

Already supplying data to another CRA? Whilst credit data reporting is voluntary, you can align with best practice by reporting to more than one Credit Reference Agency to help ensure the consumer is represented consistently across the market.


Help customers to improve their Experian Credit Report

By reporting you can help your customers throughout their financial journey by helping to build a complete credit history.

How do I become a CAIS member?

  1. Agreement signed by both parties**.
  2. Requisite documentation is submitted to the CAIS team for appraisal. Your Account Manager will have collated all the required documentation in terms of CRAIN and whether you are an SBEE defined commercial finance provider for example.
  3. The CAIS team will liaise with you to advise the specifics of the data file to be submitted on a monthly basis as per your agreement and facilitate secure data transfer for you.
  4. We will test your data in readiness to onboarding and publishing your data in our products and provide feedback in an easy to understand format. Should any data quality or formatting issues arise during test, the CAIS team will provide guidance and support to alleviate this.
  5. Once your data has passed the testing, your data will be promoted to the live environment. The CAIS team will agree with you a set date by which each monthly file will be delivered to us electronically.
  6. You will receive feedback on your data each month detailing any areas for improvement or correction. Should you require support with this, our Consultants and Analysts are on hand for you.

**It is important that prior to signing your agreement you have fully understood the CAIS file specification requirements and are able to deliver your file on a monthly basis in line with the Principles of Reciprocity.

 Contact us

If you have an urgent CAIS problem such as a data load issue, please ring the data provisioning team on:

  • Consumer – 0115 9768933
  • Commercial – 0115 9768311 (option 3)

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