Data management

Data powers everything Experian does, from our credit products through to our digital marketing services. Data management comprises sourcing, integrating, monitoring and analysing data, maintaining and improving data quality and managing relationships with data suppliers.

Since data is integral to our business, roles in this field provide insights and knowledge that can be applied across many different areas.

Natalie - Data Management

‘You need to be a problem solver, and let your mind explore different possibilities. You need analytical skills. We're looking at thousands, sometimes millions, of records and they need to be thorough, focused and detailed.’

Natalie, Senior Team Manager

Career paths and roles

You might come into the company as a support analyst, gain experience, then become a specialist senior or lead analyst, or manage a team of analysts.

We’ll help you identify areas where you’d like to develop and support your progression with a range of tools. We also encourage secondments across the data management teams to learn new skills and approaches.

Data analysis

Gather insight from the data we hold to strengthen our products and services and unlock new opportunities.

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Data acquisition

Use your knowledge of data governance and understanding of our commercial goals to identify and acquire data assets that will help to build our business.

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Data consultancy

Help shape our data strategy, products and services by liaising with our clients to understand how they use our data and the value it brings them.

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Data management

Help ensure our data is as accurate and up to date as it can be, handling areas such as data quality, data processing, data matching and data storage and retrieval.

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Diversity and inclusion

We believe our differences are things to be celebrated, and that the diversity of our workforce is a big part of our global success. We want everyone to succeed with us, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, physical ability, experience or thinking style. We also look to adopt progressive policies, such as flexible working hours, to accommodate people’s individual circumstances.