Jenni - Digital Experience Manager

Jenni, on joining the marketing team at Experian

Jenni, Digital Experience Manager for Experian B2B business, shares her experience of joining Experian’s marketing team.

What was your path to Experian?

Before I joined Experian, I was a Digital Marketing Manager for a fabric and wallpaper company, working for some big brands. I had a broad role there, looking after all of the website content, social media and email marketing. I’ve gone into a more specialised role here at Experian, looking at the online experience for the B2B side of the business. So, it’s more around the online experience, customer journeys and the psychology behind them. That’s what I was interested in when I was in my previous job, but I didn’t get the chance to deep dive into it like I’m doing here.

What made you choose to come and work at Experian?

I was actually approached on LinkedIn because I was actively looking for a job at the time. I knew of Experian because I had been a customer of their marketing services and used Mosaic in my old job, and I learnt about it at university as well. I thought it was exciting.

I thought about it for a while because it was quite a big change going from a really broad role to a more specialist role, so I just had to check in with myself to make sure that’s what I wanted to do.

How are you finding being more specialised?

I think it’s a good thing because I’m getting to do more of what I had a hand in before, but wasn’t able to dive too deeply. Now I’m able to develop my skills and experience in that area. But also, by having the wider marketing and digital marketing community as well, it’s not a siloed role. It’s very much like joining everything together to make sure that the journey makes sense at every touch point.

What’s your perception been since you’ve joined the Experian business?

It’s the biggest business I’ve ever worked for and trying to get your head around the scale of it is kind of mind-boggling. Having people around me in the team helps – they answer all my questions, and there are a lot of questions! There’s so much training available as well so you can find all the information that you need on all the different resources that they have as well.

I’ve been getting stuck in straight away with big projects and learning more about the stakeholders in the teams that I work with. Everyone is supportive; the culture’s really nice. I’m really enjoying it here.

We have high standards to work to, which is great because that’s how I like to work, but it’s not unattainable. My role isn’t tied to financial KPIs, but there are KPIs around engagement that we need to hit.

Within the team that I’m in, we expect great things from each other and ourselves which helps me keep going forward and wanting to contribute to the team the same way that everybody else is.

How does marketing work at Experian?

There are marketing teams for different parts of the business, and we join up for different projects. We have a digital marketing forum where we all get together and talk about any issues that we might be facing, anything to do with the industry or just marketing in general.

Then there’s the all-hands day, which is for the whole B2B marketing community where we all get together for a conference. We share best practice examples and get external speakers in to talk to give us a master class or share experiences and that kind of thing. I’ve never had that before in anywhere that I’ve worked, but the marketing community is amazing here.

How do you find working for a big multi-division business?

I look after quite a large part of the B2B business, and that means a significant stake in the website, so it’s about keeping the communication going and listening to my colleagues in the other areas. At the same time, I have to represent my stakeholders and the customers’ needs. Ultimately, I go with what the customer wants, whatever works for them.

It’s very strategic. There’s a real clear vision of what the business wants and what each of the product areas want. There are strategies for different areas of the business, different verticals and different product sets. When you know what is wanted of you, you can work towards that and that makes the objectives a lot clearer.

What do you like about working at Experian?

There so many products, so many things we do, so many people. Every day is a school day, and I enjoy that. But you also get the support you need.

The yearly appraisal process is also comprehensive, in terms of what your talent looks like and what it means for the business and where it could go. It’s quite clear that the business wants to keep talent. So that’s really reassuring. I’ve already recommended it to my friends and former colleagues as a place to look out for because it’s a nice place to be.

How would you describe the culture?

Inclusive and supportive. Cooperative. But at the same time, goal orientated, and within my role, in particular, I’m trying to look out for what the customer wants, and everyone’s really receptive to that too. Receptive to new ideas, new ways of doing things, talking things out, trying to communicate as much as possible. You have to when there are so many moving parts.

What benefits do you like, that you didn’t get working for a small business?

What is useful is having an on-site canteen with a Costa, I enjoy that. It sounds so simple but it is a really nice feature.

Discounts that you get for some high street shops are good and cinema tickets as well. Also the ability to buy holiday which I haven’t done but I like knowing that it’s there.

What would you say is the right fit for someone joining Experian?

I’d say someone who is open to learning from their colleagues. Someone who can connect the dots because there’s a lot of stuff going on and a lot of products and just being able to take a step back and figure out where it all fits in and where there might be opportunities to collaborate.

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