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Experience a year in industry with Experian

Looking for an opportunity to learn and grow? Take a look at our year in industry placement. At Experian, you’ll get the platform you need to develop your skills, put into practice the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained at university and work on real-life projects, so you can gain the experience you need to get ahead.

With your year in industry at Experian, you’ll get the support you need to flourish in your work experience and be at the heart of a diverse and inspirational team of people. If you’re ready for a challenge, then we’re ready to meet you.

Let’s create a better tomorrow together.

Experian year in industry placement opportunities include:

  • IT & Technology (Nottingham and London)
  • Marketing (Nottingham)
  • Analytics (Nottingham/ Southport/ London)
  • Digital Marketing (Nottingham & London)
  • Finance (Nottingham & London)

Discover what our students have to say…

Adam Bly
Adam Bly, Placement Student in Marketing

I have picked up so many technical skills, such as Photoshop, Google Analytics and social media management, all of which I’ve been allowed the time to develop to a high standard.

Orla McSparron
Orla McSparron, Service Desk Team Leader (former Analytics Placement Student)

My experience as a placement student was fantastic! I joined a small Service Desk team made up of students and full-time analysts and was treated exactly the same as the full-time members of the team.

I was given the chance to work on major projects and was responsible for bringing the support of new products over to our Service Desk. When I finished my placement, I was offered the chance to come back part-time until I graduated and worked my way up to a senior level quickly, mostly due to my time spent as a placement student being involved in the same work as my full-time colleagues and the relationships I had built throughout this time.

As a result of these relationships, I was offered a secondment on the infrastructure team six months after coming back to Experian, to work on a major Experian-wide security upgrade project.

Once this project was completed successfully, I was then promoted to the Team Manager of the Service Desk I had previously completed my placement on.

Now, one year after graduating, I have since taken over management of a Service Desk in Nottingham and am currently working on setting up a new team in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I can honestly say completing my placement with Experian was one of the best decisions I have made to date and have no doubts I would be in a very different position had I not completed my placement with Experian and been offered the chance of a full-time role.

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