Consumer credit account information sharing (CAIS)

Access information on the vast majority of the UK’s active credit population

The more you understand your customers, the more confidence you can have in your credit decisions. You have a better chance of protecting your business against bad debt and fraud, and you can ensure you lend responsibly, to people who are financially stable enough to pay you back.

As a CAIS member, you contribute data on all your customers’ credit accounts and account behaviour from the last six years. In return, you get access to the equivalent data from over 550 banks, lenders, insurers, and utility and telecoms companies – virtually every major lending organisation in the UK.

We gather data from and collect over 490 million credit accounts a month, making CAIS the largest source of UK consumer credit commitments.

If you’re a consumer credit or store card provider, you also have the option to share – and gain access to – additional behavioural data. This provides a good means of identifying customers showing signs of over-indebtedness or financial stress.

Access to the CAIS database allows you to:

  • Make responsible lending decisions by reviewing existing financial obligations and refusing applicants who are over committed.
  • Identify consumers with an adverse credit history.
  • Make appropriate authorisation, limit management and recovery decisions.
  • Verify applicants’ personal details.
  • Enhance collections strategies.

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