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What if you could accurately predict your customers’ credit needs? Experian’s FutureView shows you how

Awareness of alternative credit solutions and the increased use of price comparison sites means your customers could be looking to switch. Having an easy way to offer them the right products at the right time could help you to retain customers.

Our solution? Experian FutureView. Our quick and accurate tool gives you a clear view of an individual’s financial behaviour. It will enable you to accurately assess the products your customers may need now and in the future, as well as letting you know the best time to offer them.

Our study of consumer behaviour has enabled us to create credit propensity indicators, highlighting the likelihood of a customer taking on future credit for motor finance, mortgage, loan or credit card products.

Key benefits

  • Supports responsible lending strategies
  • Foresees the products your customers might need, their behaviour and understands their risk
  • Helps you to improve your existing relationships with customers
  • Identify where new and repeat business opportunities may exist
  • Detailed insight allows you to focus marketing activity to drive a higher lead conversation

Who’s it for?

Experian’s FutureView solution is ideal for credit card, mortgage, loan and automotive finance providers.

How it works

Our FutureView solution is delivered in batch and can be used as part of your account opening service or ongoing as part of your customer management process.