Property Data

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Property data, it’s all about making better decisions for you and your customers

Knowing more about a customer’s property can help you make better decisions about the products and services you offer them. From identifying when their house is put up for sale to knowing how much equity is in their property, this valuable data will enable you to help your customers make smart financial decisions.

With Experian property data you can evaluate the suitability of your customers existing products and identify potential alternatives. We can help you make more responsible and accurate credit decisions, while also enabling you to pre-populate data during an individual’s application process, ensuring a quicker and easier process for both of you.

Experian’s property data is used by various providers, including credit, utilities, telecommunications and insurance.

Key Benefits

  • Better understand an individual’s equity position
  • Make more informed decisions on how to manage an individual’s account
  • Anticipate customer needs and make early contact when they move house or put a property up for sale
  • The ability to offer customers the most suitable products and services
  • Makes the customer journey quicker and smoother – pre-populating a customer’s property information when they apply for products or services
  • Verify if an individual owns the property so you can make responsible decisions

How it works

Our property data is available on a regular basis through batch or via a number of online solutions.