Breakdown Cover

It’s always tricky when your car stops working, but if you’ve broken down suddenly and unexpectedly next to the road, this can add another level of stress to an already difficult situation.

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There are many ways to protect yourself when things go wrong, so you aren’t out of pocket as well as inconvenienced. Breakdown insurance is a popular option.

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is insurance that covers you specifically when your car breaks down.

Essentially this means that when the vehicle stops working, for example on the motorway, you’re able to call someone to come and try to fix the problem without having to fork out hundreds of pounds.

Is Roadside Assistance included in breakdown cover?

The specifics of what’s included in your breakdown cover will vary from policy to policy.

The basics should cover roadside assistance. This occurs where the insurance provider sends out a recovery vehicle and a mechanic to fix the problem by the side of the road.

If the mechanic cannot fix the problem by the side of the road they will take your car to a garage and attempt to fix the problem.

Some policies will offer this at a local level, meaning that your vehicle will be towed to a local garage whereas others might offer national coverage. This means that you can choose which garage your car is towed to.

Should I look for anything else when purchasing breakdown cover?

There are additional extras included with some policies that you can look out for such as onwards travel. This means that if the car breaks down, your insurance will not only cover the cost of repairs, but also any extra travel to get you to your destination.

In addition, other policies might include extras such as key replacements, tyre replacements or even multi-car cover on the policy.

Do I even need breakdown cover?

There’s no legal obligation to get breakdown insurance, so you’re perfectly entitled to drive your car without it, and you won’t be breaking the law.

However, when your car breaks down, particularly by the side of the road it can be expensive, not only to cover the cost of the repairs, but to remove the vehicle to safety.

Before purchasing any breakdown cover, check to make sure you’re not already covered as many packaged bank accounts come with extras like this included.

How much will breakdown cover cost me?

Again, this will depend on your provider and the level of cover that you need as part of your insurance.

If you’re looking for very basic cover, just basic breakdown cover with no extras, then this will lower the cost of your premiums. However, if you’re wanting your policy to cover courtesy vehicles to get you to your final destination, then the monthly costs will increase.

In addition, breakdown cover will be more expensive depending on other circumstances such as the value and age of your car, how often you drive and where you live.

Breakdown insurance and winter driving

Breakdown cover is always important, but particularly during the winter months when the harsh weather might impact on the running of your vehicle.

It’s vital that if you’re driving over the winter period, you take extra care while driving as there are hazards such as black ice, reduced visibility and adverse weather conditions.

If my car breaks down, do I have to pay to get it fixed?

While breakdown cover will stretch to cover the labor involved in fixing your vehicle, it won’t cover parts. These kinds of repairs fall under general wear and tear of your vehicle and you won’t be able to claim. With this in mind, you’ll need to pay for any repairs to get your car back on the road. It’s important to remember, if you breakdown your insurance doesn’t cover you.