Can I reactivate my old CreditExpert account?

Dear James,

I have tried to access my Experian credit report. However, some years ago but I must have set up an account under an email address that I no longer use or can remember. Is there any way I can access my credit report? I have tried to call customer services but there doesn’t seem to be an option to help me. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah, Sheringham

Dear Sarah,

I’m sure we can help. There are two main options open to you. The first is to call our CreditExpert membership helpline (0344 481 0800) and work with them to reactivate your online account. I’m confident they will be able to help you recover your old log-in details. Alternatively, you can simply order a one-off copy of your statutory £2 credit report from our website. (October 2012, updated May 2017)


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