What should I do if I find a mistake on my credit report?

Dear James,

What should I do if I find a mistake on my credit report? Do you check information before adding it to reports?

Paul, Spalding

Dear Paul,

If you find something on your Experian report you disagree with please let us know. You can do this very easily by calling or emailing us.  We will then contact the organisation that provided the data on your behalf to investigate it. While we do this we will also add a note to your credit report to make it clear that the accuracy of the entry has been questioned. As soon as we receive a response we will let you know what they have said and what action we can take. If they agree to change the entry, they will authorise us to update our records. They should also send updates to any other credit reference agencies they use. If they don’t agree with you and refuse to change it, you can add a notice of correction to your credit report to register your comments. A notice of correction is a written statement of up to 200 words that you can send to us to include alongside your report. If necessary, we will also be able to help you escalate the dispute to a third party arbitrator, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office. We always check information before it is added to credit reports and we take our data accuracy responsibilities very seriously indeed. We work very closely with lenders to identify and minimise errors from occurring. For example, we carry out hundreds of extensive checks on all information before any detail is added to someone’s credit report.  This data is then regularly reviewed and updated to keep it accurate and up to date. While mistakes are extremely rare – certainly ones that might affect the outcome of a credit application - we work hard to help people better understand credit referencing and the importance of checking their credit report. (October 2012, updated September 2016)


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