Why doesn’t my credit report include a score?

Dear James,

Where do I find my actual credit score?  I have received my Experian credit report for £2 which lists all my history but I can't find an actual 'score'?

Andrea, Durham

Dear Andrea,

You have obtained a copy of your statutory £2 Experian credit report. This is a copy of all the information a lender could see about you were they to carry out a credit check through Experian. You don’t actually have a single credit score – this is one of the great credit-checking myths. Lenders will typically use your credit report, along with other information they have, to calculate a score each time you apply for credit. Importantly, this will vary from lender to lender depending on their policies, and from day to day as your data changes. Because Experian works with a large number of major lenders to help them build and manage their credit scoring systems, we can give you some valuable insight into how your credit report data is likely to affect a lender’s decision. We do this through the Experian Credit Score which you can obtain through some of our other services. (October 2012, updated March 2017)


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