Are employment checks visible to lenders?

Dear James,

Are 'employment checks' visible to other lenders when listed in the previous searches section of a credit report?

Neil, Birmingham

Dear Neil,

The simple answer is no. With your permission, your credit report can be searched for a wide variety of purposes. These include assessing a credit application, confirming your identity, providing a credit or insurance quote and helping an employer or landlord assess a new tenancy or job application. Importantly, a lender only usually sees footprints created by other organisations when they resulted from credit applications, so other types of search footprint would not be visible. However, the lender would see all of its own search footprints. So, for example, if you applied for a job with a bank and then applied for one of its current accounts, it would see its own employment check. You can learn more about different types of footprints and how they are used in our fact sheet Your credit report and previous searches. (October 2012)


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