Can you help me recover my wallet?

Dear James,

I had my wallet stolen 10 days ago and need to replace my cards but have forgotten what I had.   I have been told if I apply to you, you can let me know what they are.  Magic!  Thank you very much.

Elsie, Northants

Dear Elsie,

Sorry to hear about your wallet being stolen. I think a copy of your credit report might help you remember which cards you currently have. Your report should include details of any credit you've used in the past six years, including cards, loans, overdrafts and mobile phone contracts. Most people order an Experian report via our website but to do that you will need a card - which could be a problem for you just now. But you can also order a £2 statutory credit report by printing out our application form and popping it into the post with a £2 cheque or postal order. If you're worried that whoever has your wallet might be contemplating identity fraud you might consider adding security features to your report for a period of time, such as a CIFAS Protective Registration. It might also be sensible to monitor your report for a while too. That way, if any fraud was applied for in your name by a third party, you'd be in a position to spot it quickly and raise the alarm. (December 2012)


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