Will Guernsey credit check draw a blank?

Dear James,

I am shortly to apply for a mortgage and have been told a credit check will be done using e.g. Experian.  I live in Guernsey and have done so for many years.  Everything I have read tells me that Experian is not likely to have any information on me (but will still be asked to do a credit check).  What would a credit check on someone from the Channel Islands show?

Gareth, St Sampsons

Dear Gareth,

You will have a credit report at Experian and it should include any credit you have used in the past six years, such as loans, credit cards, current account overdrafts and possibly some utility accounts such as phones and energy. What we aren't able to obtain for people living in Guernsey is information from the public records such as court judgements and information from the electoral roll. The latter is important because it helps lenders confirm your name and address. To help, if you send us confirmation that you are registered to vote we should be able to reflect this on your credit report. This may save you being asked to provide proof of address to lenders each time you apply for credit. You will need to order a copy of your credit report before we can do this, which will give you the opportunity to check that everything is accurate an up to date. Be prepared to send us proof of identity before we give you access to your report. So allow yourself plenty of time to do this before you think about approaching a mortgage lender. It would be sensible for you to repeat this process with the other credit reference agencies too. (December 2012)


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