What should I do about missing electoral roll information?

Dear James,

I just obtained my credit report from Experian. One negative point that is mentioned is that I am not on the electoral register. However, I have contacted my council and they say that I am. What can I do to correct this information. Thanks.

Kim, London

Dear Kim,

It’s very important that your credit report includes your electoral roll registration because lenders use this information to help confirm your name, address and residential history. Not being registered can therefore cause a delay when you apply for credit and, with some lenders, can even hurt your credit score. If you are actually registered to vote but this information is missing from your credit report, simply submit a dispute and we’ll check this out for you. We hold copies of your local council’s electoral registers at Experian so we can very easily check this out for you and correct any discrepancies. I’m sure we’ll be able to quickly set the record straight for you.  (October 2012, updated March 2017)


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