How can I remove multiple insurance searches?

Dear James,

There seems to be multiple searches by insurance companies on my credit report. I pay my car insurance in full – how have they got there and how do I get them removed?

Lorna, Morfa Nefyn

Dear Ali,

I suspect what’s happened is that you’ve used a price comparison site to help you find a good deal on car insurance. The comparison site shared your proposal with a wide range of insurers to help you find a great deal and many of these have used credit report data to check your identity and provide you with quotes, which can include the option to pay in instalments. You will have agreed to these checks before you submitted the inquiry, but it’s probably easy to miss, particularly if you’re in a rush. Importantly, these are only quotes and lenders do not see this type of search footprint or use them to calculate credit scores. The only search footprints that can affect credit scores are the one left behind by actual credit applications. So you don't need to worry at all – they’re there purely so you can see who has accessed your data. There’s more advice on this in our credit report searches guide. (July 2013)


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