Are my two addresses impacting my score?

Dear James,

I own two houses and live between them both. I have been on the electoral roll at both addresses. My credit score has fallen as it looks like I have moved a lot. Also, some of my accounts are linked to one address but I am not on electoral roll there. I have no mortgage on one house and a very small one on the other. I have never been a bad debtor! Is there a way to improve my score?

Janet, Belfast

Dear Janet,

A prospective lender could find your multiple addresses confusing. If you have open accounts registered in different places it might even cause a little concern, as well as being problematic for your credit rating. So if I were you I’d try to simplify things. I suggest you pick the address where you spend most of the time and begin using that one as your main address for administrative purposes. You’ll need to contact any current lenders that are recording information about open accounts on your credit report at the other address, asking them to update their records to your new main address. You should also make sure you are registered on the electoral roll at that address and, I suggest, close down your registration at the other address. Once everything is switched over and a few months have passed you should find your credit score begins to improve. When you next apply for credit, quote the main address as your current address and include the other one as a previous/additional address. (December 2013)


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