How can I sort ID fraud in my name when I live abroad?

Dear James,

I am a British citizen living in the US for over nine years now. I’ve recently heard from my mother that a letter arrived at her address in my name. It turns out this was for a store credit account, which I obviously didn’t open. I’m having trouble accessing my credit report, to check if there are other accounts being opened, because I live abroad. I’m not sure what to do next. Can you help?

Richard, London

Dear Richard,

This must be quite distressing for you, especially with the letter going to your mother’s address after you’ve been out of the country for so long.

You can always order your Experian credit report even if you live abroad, as long as you can provide relevant information and proof of address. We’ve let our Victims of Fraud team know and they are going to work with you to get your credit report sent to you.

Once you get your report you’ll be able to see any recent applications for credit and accounts that don’t belong to you. Once you’ve worked out what’s not yours, we’ll help you clear up anything that’s fraudulent by disputing it with any lenders directly.

You can also consider adding a Notice of Correction containing a password to your Experian credit report. You can do this for free with each of the three main credit reference agencies. This adds an extra level of security when applications are made, as the lender should request this password to confirm the application is genuine. Just make sure it’s not a password someone could guess.

While we work to clear it all up, just remember that credit reports are individual, so your mother isn’t liable for any debt taken out at her address in your name and it also won’t impact her credit report and score. It’s good it’s been spotted so soon and now we can help clear it up for you. (December 2018)


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