Introducing the Decision Analytics Platform

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Something so important to business performance shouldn’t be so hard to do. Now you can implement decisioning strategies quicker, with less expenditure of time and resources, and achieve rapid and measurable performance improvements.

The new Decision Analytics software platform helps companies make the right decisions, across the Customer Life Cycle, in dynamic business environments. This breakthrough decision management platform provides new levels of flexibility, insight, control and agility so you can:

  • Easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment. Add just the software and analytics components you need to solve targeted business challenges.
  • Drive higher decisioning performance and return on investment throughout your organisation. Share decision-ready data, best practices templates, reusable strategy building blocks, and connectivity standards across product lines and Customer Life Cycle functions.
  • Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity. Put powerful yet intuitive analytics and tools for strategy design, deployment and performance monitoring in the hands of business users. Empower them to assume a larger role in decision management while freeing IT and analysts for other priorities.
  • Adapt and manoeuvre in ever-changing markets. Make use of the integrated test-and-learn framework to immediately assess how well customer decisioning is working. Quickly reconfigure strategies as business conditions change.

A unified platform for strategy design and execution, it connects the analytic and operational environments for all customer decisions. The multi-tiered, component-based architecture, built with industry standard technologies, greatly increases your decisioning power.

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