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Experian is a company committed to innovation

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We work extensively with our clients, supporting them in their objectives to employ the latest best practice.

We are constantly striving to build on our expertise, to enhance our existing products and services and to create new offerings for changing challenges. We work with clients in more than 60 countries.

Consultancy Services

Drawing on a unique understanding of business drivers, our consultants can help you to create and add value through management expertise, deep industry insight, and a structured methodical approach to problem solving.

Credit Bureau Services

Establishing and supporting Credit Bureaux in markets around the world with services such as Credit Reference systems using a range of data types, data modelling, fraud detection and consultancy services.

Global Authentication Services

Protecting your organisation and improving processes for your customers.

Enabling you to utilise electronic data and advanced automated systems that allow identity credentials to be checked in real time.

Connectivity to customer data

The system enables organisations to connect to credit bureaux.

It allows you to access, consolidate and aggregate data from multiple credit bureaux and other sources within and across national borders.

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