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Rapid collections process automation

With consumer delinquency threatening profits, quickly improve collections efficiency with automated workflows and pre-built treatment strategies that help you collect more, sooner.

Introducing Tallyman EasyStart – The latest collections solution from Experian

Tallyman EasyStart taps into our 30+ years of experience delivering collections systems around the world whilst giving consumer credit lenders, utilities and telecommunications organisations a more immediate way to get started on transforming collections processes. It enables you to quickly automate workflows and improve efficiency through pre-built treatment strategies that ensure consistent and relevant treatments.

Why use Tallyman EasyStart?

  • Advanced workflow automation frees collectors from routine tasks for a greater focus on the high value, complex cases that are the most profitable
  • Built-in strategic prioritisation and decisioning improves overall performance by applying the ideal treatment strategy across customers, products and channels
  • Management Information enables continual monitoring and optimisation of the performance of collectors and strategies
  • A single customer view across revenue streams provides a more complete view of risk
  • A hosted delivery option minimises infrastructure costs and reliance on IT resources
  • An easy-to use interface allows strategies to be tailored and implemented immediately without the need for IT support
  • Available to start using in less than 60 days

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