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On-demand access to our on-going series of podcasts, delivered by our industry experts

Episode 1: The Home Move Process

Listen to our resident home move expert, Ian Parry, as he talks about three key topics related to this critical industry issue:

  1. Consumers' failure to inform their utilities provider of a home move
  2. Fraud within the home move process
  3. The ability to offer the customer appropriate payment terms

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Episode 2 - Smart Meters

In episode 2 of our podcast series, Ian Parry talks about the main challenges around smart metering including:

  1. How can value be driven from smart metering
  2. How will collections strategies change with the introduction of smart meters
  3. What considerations should be made when rolling out a smart meter deployment plan

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Episode 3: Fuel poverty and increasing price rises:

In this podcast, Andrew Toone our resident fuel poverty expert looks at the latest energy price rises and how it impacts this industry issue:

  1. How to define a fuel poor account
  2. What can the industry do to help fuel poor households
  3. What are the key solutions that are being discussed to tackle fuel poverty issues

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