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You need to protect your customers, your business and society from fraud. Our fraud check solutions find and stop fraud across your business, integrating into your processes to minimise the disruption to customers.

  Hunter Detect Fraud Open Account Monitoring(FOAM) Hunter For Customer Screening Fraud Networks
My need is:          
To prevent fraud at the point of application      
To identity fraud within existing customer records    
To continously monitor my customer portfolio for potentially fraudulent behaviour        
To uncover organised fraud networks with my existing customer portfolio      
Perform a one off or regular check of my existing records for suspicious activity        
To screen groups of existing customers for suspicious activity    
Main uses:          
Improve my on-boarding experience for your genuine customers      
Screen new applications for suspicious data from multiple peer organisations        
Screens new applications against bureau data and past application history        
Safeguards your business from organised fraud and criminal gangs        
Ensure you can identify and prioritise fraud within existing customers