Continuous fraud screening to monitor existing customer records and flag suspicious activity

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Ongoing account monitoring

What if you could protect your customers and your business by easily and constantly monitoring existing accounts for possible fraud? Our account monitoring tool Hunter for Customer Screening works throughout the life of an account to check existing customer records for inconsistencies that could indicate fraud, without disrupting your relationship with your genuine customers.

Who's it for?

This fraud management solution provides fraud screening for any organisation with an established customer base who want to protect customers on an ongoing basis.

Key features

  • Check your customer data for any new or hidden indicators of fraud
  • Flags possible fraud cases on a continuous basis so suspicious activity is highlighted as soon as it emerges
  • Tackles ‘sleeper’ or ‘break-out’ fraud, where fraud occurs in accounts that have previously been used correctly

How it works

Your customer records are regularly loaded into Hunter for Customer Screening and checked against numerous sources of data. Any discrepancies between your customer data and the information held in our records is flagged and presented to your investigators. This forms a manageable and prioritised work-list, which helps your team to focus on the cases that you need to tackle first, record outcomes add case notes and take appropriate action.