Welcome to Insurance Investigator

Insurance Investigator, from Experian Insurance Services, has been developed specifically to respond to the growth of insurance fraud. It is estimated that insurance fraud costs the industry around £1.2billion a year. As a result insurance companies focus significant time and resource to identify, apprehend and prevent fraudsters.

Under UK Data Protection Law insurers have the authority to access a variety of data sources to assist with their fraud and claims investigations. However acquiring all the relevant information to get a full and accurate history of an individuals claims behaviour can be time consuming and costly. New ways to quickly and economically identify fraudulent claimants are needed, without causing detriment to good customer relationships.

Insurance investigator delivers online, real-time, joined up results. It is a fraud investigation tool that can help resolve insurance fraud more efficiently and economically. Searching against all relevant data sources from a single enquiry enables insurers to efficiently ascertain an individual's claims profile. Automatic cross-reference to Experian's extensive Linked Address file ensures that Insurance Investigator searches provide full claims history that includes claims and data held on the claimant matched against previous addresses associated with the claimant.