Data Subject Rights and Opting Out

We hope you think our products and services create benefit to you as a consumer but we also appreciate you may want to opt out of Experian processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes and passing this on to our clients for similar purposes.

We will always respect the choices you make.

Under our legitimate interest lawful grounds for processing, you can object at any time to our processing of your personal data for direct marketing, including our profiling to the extent it is related to that direct marketing.  Once we receive your objection, we must stop using your personal information for this purpose.

We allow consumers control over their personal data through several mechanisms:

  • we provide full information through our information pages of relevant data subjects rights and how consumers can opt out of marketing – both with Experian and with the marketing industry more generally
  • links to information provided by third parties, where appropriate and helpful which will allow you to see the originating source of your personal data with appropriate contact details so you can contact them to be removed at source
  • Experian has a dedicated Customer Service team who you can contact if you have any queries about your data or questions about how it is being used

Experian’s Opt Out File

When you ask us to ensure your personal data is not used for direct marketing purposes, we will add your details to our own marketing suppression file. Any outbound data for direct marketing purpose is screened against this file to ensure your details are not passed on in future to any of our clients.

To ensure your wishes are maintained, we need to continue processing personal data about you on a suppression file. In order to do this, we will retain the minimum information necessary to identify you so that we can then prevent further unwanted processing if your personal data comes into Experian from another source. This activity is in the mutual interests of you, us and our clients to make sure that you are not contacted if you don’t want to be and to ensure that we and our clients do not use your personal data in a way that you object to.

Please be aware that opting out of Experian processing this data for direct marketing, does not stop your data from being collected by other organisations. Nor does it mean you will stop receiving marketing communications or seeing further ads on the internet. However, if you do opt out, the ads you will receive or see are no longer likely to be interest-based and may therefore be less relevant to your interests.

If you wish to object to your personal data being used by Experian clients for direct marketing purposes, and would like to register your details on our suppression file, please click here and submit your full name and postal address in order for your request to be actioned.

You can also register your personal details on our suppression file by contacting us directly using the details below:


The Experian Team

Customer Support Centre
NG80 7WF

Please be aware that we will process your request within 7 days, however many of our clients plan their marketing communications in advance, therefore it may take some time to become fully effective.

Industry Opt-Out Files

If you wish to minimise the amount of marketing communication you receive from all organisations, there are several industry opt-out files which you can subscribe to, depending on the communication channel:

Postal Marketing – You can opt out of postal marketing by registering with the Mail Preference Service (MPS) at This is an industry-wide service administered by the Direct Marketing Association and recognised by the Information Commissioner.

There is a version of this called the Baby Mailing Preference Service which can help reduce the number of baby-related mailings you receive. You can register at

Telephone Marketing – Experian does not provide telephone numbers for prospect marketing activity, however consumers can opt out of telemarketing activity by registering their details within the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) at

Email Marketing - Unlike Postal or Telephone channels, there is no industry-wide service to opt out of email marketing. Therefore, consumers should always review privacy policies and marketing opt-in check boxes when registering for services or purchasing products online.  Where unwanted email marketing is received, consumers should unsubscribe via easy to find links within the email or use spam filters to prevent future communications.

Online Advertising - Marketing data is widely used to inform the advertising displayed when browsing online.  While digital marketers generally do not know the identity of the individual viewing a page, they can understand their likely characteristics based on their browsing behaviour or location to display a more relevant advert. If you would prefer not to receive targeted advertising in this way, there are several options available:

  • Cookies- are small files used by websites to recognise returning visitors and tailor content or advertising more effectively. Declining cookies when visiting websites will prevent those sites from displaying targeted advertising, while all modern browsers have a setting to clear cookies, which will delete all cookie data stored from previous website visits.

Where personalised adverts are displayed on websites, the AdChoices icon will usually be displayed. Clicking on this icon will provide you with specific guidance on how to control your online advertising preferences. More information is available on the YourAdChoices website.

More information about the use of cookies for online advertising, together with further opt-out options can be found at

  • Mobile devices- cookies used for advertising do not generally work on mobile devices, however, advertisers can still recognise returning visitors both when browsing online and when using apps using an ‘Advertising ID’. The Advertising ID is created by the mobile device, but can be reset at any time, thereby deleting all data held against it. Instructions on resetting Advertising IDs will vary by device but can be found here for Apple devices, or here for Android devices.

The ICO’s Your Data Matters

The Information Commissioners Office (the ICO) is the UK’s data protection regulatory body set up to uphold information rights, promoting openness by organisations and data privacy for individuals. Through the “fingerprint family”, the ICO’s Your Data Matters campaign helps people understand why their data matters and how they can take back control.

You can find out more from the ICO about your personal data rights under data protection regul;ation and how to exercise them.


Click on the ICO’s Your Data Matters logo below to find out more:



The ICO has also launched a new Twitter account for the public, @YourDataMatters, and a short campaign film which you can view here.