Link - Single Customer View

Customer database marketing tailored to individual customers

Creating a single customer view for each and every customer can only happen if all data and information about them is integrated and stored, as one consolidated record on your customer database. Marketing communications can then be targeted according to a true understanding of their history with your brand, their service issues and their propensity to buy new goods and services.

Link is intuitive data quality management software that provides the foundation from which organisations can build a consolidated single customer view.

The real benefits of a single customer view

Ensure only fully integrated and cleansed data is loaded into CRM and your customer marketing database resulting in:

  • Improved knowledge of customer behaviours to improve relationship, retention and cross-sell activities
  • Valuable customer insight across all known addresses to make more informed customer management decisions
  • Better understanding of customer churn for more accurate business information

What we do – our marketing database solutions

Link is pre-configured data quality management software that cleanses address data and applies a unique person ID which is persistent to the individual regardless of address moves.

  • The first critical step in creating a single customer view or integrating data across multiple data sources
  • Consultancy by a team of data migration and integration experts to help plan and execute within SCV/CRM implementations
  • The option to host the solution On-Premise (client-site) or On-Demand (hosted by Experian)

How we do it

Link is the essential first step for anyone working towards integrated customer database marketing with several critical components:

  • Incorporates QAS Batch to cleanse and standardise addresses to the highest quality
  • Combination of proven matching methodologies supported by a knowledge base of reference data for evidence based matching further improving accuracy
  • Uniquely utilises Address Links data to enable a persistent person ID to be applied to customers regardless of address moves
  • Leverage our knowledge of large database implementations for some of the UK’s largest blue chip companies to ensure project success

Why Experian?

As data and marketing experts, we can help you maximise your marketing database by enhancing the data quality of your customers and prospects with our world-class database solutions software. We’ll also help you leverage its revenue potential with our marketing campaign tools and systems. Our integrated approach is what makes working with Experian so powerful.

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