Programmatic advertising allows marketers to buy exactly the impressions they want; but without sufficient, high-quality data, finding ideal customers can be a challenge. To connect with audiences in the most effective way, marketers need more than just behavioural data. Marketers need accurate and scalable data at a reasonable price - to power campaigns, and ultimately make them more effective at connecting with their ideal customers. This is where Experian’s Bid Enrichment can help.

How does Bid Enrichment work?

Bid Enrichment makes accurate, scalable data available in the programmatic advertising space, where it can be used in the most efficient way. Bid Enrichment works through a native integration with the ad exchange, allowing Experian’s own supply-side platform (SSP) to enrich live bid requests with Experian data. This is all done in real-time before being reissued to the market. There are two benefits here:

  • consumers see more relevant, meaningful adverts due to better targeting supported by the enriched bid request
  • marketers understand their consumers better.

Why use Bid Enrichment?

Data-driven customer experience

In a fast-paced digital environment, it can be hard to keep up with consumer preferences, making it difficult to deliver the right message. Because Bid Enrichment uses detailed Experian datasets in the programmatic space, brands and marketers benefit from data that is regularly updated to mirror the current demographic trends and preferences of their ideal audiences. This means organisations can adopt a more consistent approach, with the ability to use those audiences across different channels to reach their consumers in the most effective way.

Dynamically priced data

Brands and marketers recognise the importance of buying data, but the issue is when this data is being purchased and how it is applied in the programmatic space. Audiences are being built as a separate action before the launch of a campaign, which means organisation could be missing out on ideal audiences they’ve not even interacted with yet. With Bid Enrichment, data is used at the point of interaction – in real-time, to power decisions at that very moment. This data is then dynamically priced alongside the relevant media, which means more accurate data for a better price.

Why use Experian data?

With 30 years’ worth of verified data and experience using this data across a range of offline and online channels, we can draw upon hundreds of data points over 50 million consumers to find accurate, relevant audiences. We use a range of core segmentation tools including Mosaic and Financial Strategy Segments to enrich first party data and create larger, bespoke audiences. Our data is regularly updated and can be made available instantly for you as a private audience through your DSP. If you would like to hear more about Bid Enrichment feel free to get in touch with the team.

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