Local area data to identify profitable new locations

Build a better business with local area data insight

In highly competitive environments, the place you choose to make valuable bricks and mortar investment is critical to success. It’s so important that decisions need to be based on cold hard facts, such as data about your local area, and not on hunches or anecdotal evidence. Experian brings you extensive data on the UK retail sector, and software solutions that allow easy analysis and visualisation for better informed decision making and the expertise to translate understanding of local area data into bottom line benefit.

Effective retail location planning for higher returns

We can execute effective retail planning because we own and have access to one of the largest and most up-to-date data sources available anywhere in the UK, backed up by people and technologies that will turn data into information into insight:

  • Our own annual surveys provide a comprehensive set of catchments for all significant in-town and out-of-town retail destinations in the UK. These include catchment areas expressed as flows of expenditure for shoppers from postal sectors, individual high streets, out-of-town shopping parks and catchment areas that contain the nearest 80 per cent of spend around a high street.
  • Insight into 800,000 retail locations in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for effective location planning, through Experian Goad, backed up by information from our National Business Database, Companies House and other sources such as Thomson business directories.
  • Information on over 450,000  retail occupiers across 2,000 retail centres, updated with onsite surveys of 30,000 retail occupiers every month.

Finding the right place for maximum profitability is subject to complex variables, but is made easier through the use of retail planning and local area data. Experian’s flexible and modular solutions are designed to meet your needs and help you to discover:

  • customer profiles by area — a complete demographic breakdown of target location, including lifestyles, financial status and behaviours of the people who live and work there;
  • population by time — composition of local populations at various times, whether during working hours or at weekends, for example;
  • catchment areas — including the impact from co-located competitors;
  • concentration — where your target customers are based around the proposed new site;
  • customer growth — modelling to anticipate customer changes over time.

It all adds up to the best view of UK local area data, providing sound foundations for your location and retail planning decisions and building maximum profitability into every brick.

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