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ABI code
This is a unique code supplied by the Association of British Insurers. The code is used by the Insurance industry to specify a vehicle. This replaces the need for a lengthy description of the vehicle


Body type
This describes the style of the vehicle´s body eg 4 door saloon.
British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. Members of BVRLA supply Experian with disposal mileages which are including in Experian Car Data Check.


This is the colour of the vehicle as shown on the V5 Registration document (log book).

Colour changes
The original and current colour of the vehicle along with the date of the change. This information is sourced from the DVLA.

Condition data check
From information provided by MIAFTR (Motor Industry Anti Fraud and Theft Register), if a vehicle has been written off (total loss claim) because of damage or theft. Details are also available from the DVLA, advising whether a vehicle has been scrapped or exported.


Disposal values
DISPOSAL represents a car in a below average condition for year and mileage, or of significantly higher mileage, offered for sale at auction. It should be road worthy and have a current MOT.

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
The system holds details of all UK registered vehicles, including:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Date of first registration
  • Colour
  • Engine Number
  • VRM (vehicle registration number)
  • VIN (vehicle identification number)
The equivalent of the DVLA but hold details of all Northern Ireland (NI) registered vehicles.

Due diligence (Vehicle Mileage Check Ltd)
Vehicle Mileage Check Ltd (VMC) are the leading provider of due diligence checks to the trade in the UK, and the mileage they have collected for over 10 years has been added to Experian Car Data Check.

VMC Ltd´s contact details are as follows:

PO Box 16

Telephone - 01663 766068 or 01663 766047
Fax - 01663 766049
Email - www.vmcsales@vmc-ltd.com

Visit their website at www.vmc-ltd.com


Engine capacity
This is the size of the engine and referred to in cc (cubic capacity).

Engine number
This is the number that is assigned to the vehicle´s engine when it was manufactered.

This is when a vehicle is taken abroad for a period of 12 months or more.


Finance data check
Will advise of any existing loan that is secured against a vehicle. The name of the finance/leasing company together with the agreement type, reference number and duration of the agreement is provided.

Finance and leasing companies
Experian Car Data Check receives details of finance and leasing agreements on a daily basis.

First registered
This is the date the vehicle was registered to be driven on a public highway.

Fleet operators/motor manufacturers
Regularly provides Experian Car Data Check with a variety of information which helps to build a comprehensive picture of the vehicles held on Experian Car Data Check.

Fuel type
This indicates if the vehicle is petrol or diesel.


Glass´s information services ltd
Experian Car Data Check holds data from Glass´s information services ltd, providing valuations direct from input.

Gold Car Data Check
Provides comprehensive information relating to the descripiton of the vehicle. Warning messages highlight:
  • existing finance information
  • stolen vehicles
  • details of scrapped and exported vehicles
  • vehicles at high risk
  • write-off vehicles
Additional information relates to the vehicle´s original colour, number of previous keepers and the dates of the changes.

Gross vehicle weight
This is given through the Vehicle Description Check for commercial vehicles.


High risk data
Provides details of any vehicles that are considered as "high risk". This may include hire or demonstrator vehicles.


Insurance group
This is the Insurance Industries classification of a vehicle, based on its perceived risk associated with a particular vehicle, to calculate the premium for a vehicle.


Provides the name of the motor manufacturer eg Volkswagen.

This provides mileage information from various sources recorded against the vehicle.

This is the type of vehicle eg Golf.


Number of axles
This is given through the Vehicle Description Check for commercial vehicles.

Number of keepers
From information supplied by the DVLA, the number of previous keepers (as shown on the V5 registration document) along with the date of the last change.


Plate change
Experian Car Data Check will advise if a vehicle has been involved in a plate change. It can also provide a history of previous number plates which have existed on a vehicle.

Previous searches
Provides a history of previous checks that have been carried out on the vehicle.

Experian Car Data Check receives information on a daily basis from the Police National Computer of any vehicle report as stolen.


RMIF - The retail motor industry federation
The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) serves and represents businesses concerned with the provision of motor industry products and services. The RMIF mileage is supplied via dealer and service records and it is the UK´s oldest and largest trade body.


This is when a vehicle is permanently disposed of and should never appear on the road again.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) provides Experian Car Data Check with details of all new vehicles being registered. This information is provided to Experian Car Data Check withing four working days.

Stolen data check
Provides details of stolen vehicles recorded on the Police National Computer. This database is updated daily.


Trade certificates
A certificate showing the history of a vehicle. This can be requested through either a Gold or Bronze Car Data Check.

This identifies if the vehicle has an automatic or manual gear box and the number of gears eg 4 or 5.


Vehicle details
Experian Car Data Check contains over 72 million records. A full vehicle specification can be obtained by using the Vehicle Indentification Number (VIN) or Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM). Vehicle details includes information on:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Engine Number
  • Date of First Registration

Vehicle identification number (VIN)
This is the vehicle´s unique identification feature, and can vary in length from three to twenty digits. This number remains with the vehicle throughout its life, even if the vehicle has been through a plate change.

Vehicle identification number (VIN)/Vehicle registration mark (VRM)
A unique cross-referencing facility which cross-references the VIN and VRM, to ensure accuracy of data.

Vehicle Mileage Check
An on-line service which highlights any mileage anomalies, provides a mileage reading, the source ie VMC, BVRLA, DVLA and the date the mileage was captured.

For more information contact Vehicle Mileage Check Ltd:

PO Box 16

Telephone - 01663 766068 or 01663 766047
Fax - 01663 766049
Email - www.vmcsales@vmc-ltd.com

Visit their website at www.vmc-ltd.com

Vehicle Mileage Check - Trading Standards Division
Motor retailers today are facing an onslaught from Trading Standards and Consumer Legislation that places them under tremendous pressures with daunting penalities for those who step out of line.

Consumer protection laws are now so comprehensive and complex; customers are becoming increasingly devious and litigious, that even the fairest and most honest business can find itself facing legal action. That's why VMC has formed the Trading Standards Division.

Click here to find out more about VMC's Trading Standards Division., or
Visit VMC's website at www.vmc-ltd.com

Vehicle registration mark (VRM)
When a vehicle is first registered the DVLA allocate a vehicle registration mark, which must be displayed. This VRM remains with a vehicle until it is destroyed, exported or transferred to another vehicle through a plate change.

Vehicle valuations
A valuation is available on any vehicle up to ten years old using the VRM or VIN. If a mileage is also input, the valuation can be adjusted according to Glass´s Information Services.


Year of manufacture
This is available for most vehicles and is given through the Vehicle Description Check.