Walking the Trading Standards tightrope.
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Motor retailers today are facing an onslaught from Trading Standards and Consumer Legislation that places them under tremendous pressures with daunting penalties for those who step out of line. Consumer protection laws are comprehensive and complex, and customers are becoming increasingly devious and litigious. Even the fairest and most honest business can find itself facing legal action. That's why VMC has formed the Trading Standards Division.

Walking the Trading Standards tightrope
The safety net
Fortunately motor retailers who can prove that they have taken Reasonable Precautions and exercised Due Diligence have a defence under most Trading Standards laws. VMC TS Division has created a Due Diligence System which provides all the necessary procedures and disciplines, and improves overall business efficiency.

VMC TS Division is a team of former Trading Standards Officers who each have extensive experience and specialist knowledge of the way current legislation affects the retail motor trade, and can provide effective advice, assistance, and solutions.

An unrivalled system
Here is a Trading Standards procedure system that assists owners and managers of motor retail businesses to operate efficiently within the letter and spirit of the law, without the constant worry about whether their business methods or the actions of their employees may be creating expensive problems for the future.

Tailor made
The VMC TS team work closely with individual owners and managers to identify their special requirements and incorporate these into a bespoke system. This ensures that each and every manual is an individually customised solution that meets the precise objectives of that operation. The VMC TS System now plays a vital role in improving the daily business operations of many motor retailing businesses throughout the UK.

From large multi-site groups to single-site independent dealerships, the VMC TS System is now providing proven protection, increased efficiency and peace-of-mind. This in turn is enabling owners and managers to concentrate on the important job in hand, the purchasing and marketing of motor vehicles.

Written procedures
From the advertisements in the local newspaper, to the way the vehicles are displayed on the forecourt, from the sales person's description of the vehicle, to the test drive...without the correct knowledge, authenticated procedures or reliable documented systems in place it's all too easy for costly mistakes to occur. The VMC TS System provides the knowledge, systems and procedures that every dealership requires. In addition, it provides the written evidence that Due Diligence and Reasonable Precautions systems have been integrated into the business practice.

Modular system
VMC TS Division services includes: -
  • Trading Standards Health Checks
  • Personal and telephone advice
  • Training courses on TS requirements
  • Regular auditing procedures
  • Rapid response advertisement vetting
  • Complaints handling/ letter writing in disputes
  • Mystery shopping, by phone or visits
  • Mystery shopping at service departments
  • Attendance at formal Trading Standards interviews
  • Liaison with Trading Standards departments and 'Home Authority'
  • Court attendance for small claims
  • Updates on new legal developments
The benefits
By incorporating these principles into the everyday quality system, a business has the evidence it needs to demonstrate Due Diligence and Reasonable Precautions.

It may not be necessary for every dealership to take on every module. The VMC TS Division is happy to customise a package to suit your individual needs, providing total confidence and enhanced satisfaction for your customers, and also peace of mind for yourself.
Making a Sale

Fair trading award
Fair Trading Award. The Award is a short course of study through which an individual may achieve the standard laid down by the Trading Standards Institute. It is gained by the candidate sitting an examination at a licensed centre after taking a training course made up of at least 20 hours tuition.

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