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In an increasingly competitive global marketplace your ability to operate profitably in diverse geographic markets can be heavily dependent upon your knowledge of customers and local markets. Experian's portfolio of global consumer classifications can help you address this problem. Mosaic Global is a single, consistent classification providing insight and understanding on the demographics, lifestyles and behaviour of 880 million people from the world's most prosperous economies including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

How can we help you?

Mosaic Global is based on the idea that the world's cities share common patterns of residential segregation. Each have their enclaves of Metropolitan Strugglers, suburbs of Career and Family and communities of Sophisticated Singles, and each of these neighbourhoods display strong similarities in terms of their demographics, lifestyles and behaviour, regardless of where they are found. The result is a classification that identifies 10 distinct neighbourhood types each with a set of distinctive demographic and lifestyle characteristics that can be found in every country covered by the classification.

A few key facts

  • Mosaic Global gives you the opportunity to understand consumers and their behaviour, in many different parts of the world, using a single consumer classification. This provides you with a consistent, integrated view of your customers.
  • The value of Mosaic Global is its ability to link your understanding of consumers with local markets and implement it across a diverse range of applications throughout the world. These include understanding customers, optimising communication, optimising sales performance and managing the value of property assets, now and in the future.
  • Mosaic Global incorporates data from 24 national Mosaic classifications each designed to provide you with an accurate and detailed understanding of the demographics, lifestyles, behaviour and culture of consumers living in each country.
  • Mosaic Global is available for use via our bureau, or may be licensed for use in-house within your customer database or mapping software.

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